About Betek

Established in 1988, Betek Boya Kimya ve Sanayi A.Ş. entered into the market within its first years in the industry by developing high quality products in the fields of concrete admixtures, ready-mixed mortars and water insulation materials needed by the construction materials industry. The company achieved a significantly rapid growth thanks to the demand generated with efficient sales and marketing systems. Betek went in search of new markets with the experience and power it gained in the field of construction and added construction paints to its product range.

In 1993, Betek A.Ş. took a step forward into the field of construction paints in a technological cooperation with Caparol, the top paint brand of Europe. The partnership of the two companies has been a milestone for both Betek and the Turkish Paint Industry while the technological richness of Europe regarding the paint industry has been moved to Turkey under the brand name of Filli Boya. Betek A.Ş., the first Turkish paint company which succeeded in producing with a European partner, has also provided the first foreign capital inflow for the paint industry.

Acquiring the identity of a “pioneering and innovative brand with high quality production” by utilizing the latest production technologies and offering the products which directed consumer demands and made a breakthrough in paint industry, Betek has exemplarily become the strongest company of the paint industry within the shortest time known and succeeded in taking the lead in the paint industry by 2001. Betek made sustainable investments by considering the importance of brand investment while taking the lead of industry and created Filli Boya brand, which has won the hearts of our consumer. Betek, with its more than one thousand employees and nearly 3000 sales points, has left its mark on the industry and succeeded in becoming one of the most important industrial companies of Turkey, not only in the paint industry.

2003 constitutes a significant milestone for the development of Betek Boya Kimya ve Sanayi A.Ş. Betek commenced its activities in the field of thermal insulation in that year and assumed leadership within the industry with its "insulation" activities which it regards as a social responsibility project for the future of our country. Betek A.Ş maintains its leadership in Turkey in the field of insulation as well as paint industry with the first integrated facility of our country having 380 thousand tonnes paint, 240 thousand tonnes dry mortar and 770 thousand m3 EPS thermal insulation plate manufacturing capacity on a 152 thousand m2 area where all main components of paints and thermal insulation systems are manufactured.

Adopting the criteria of environmental protection and environmental health, given utmost importance by the EU, which Turkey has been advancing to be a member of, Betek A.Ş. took the first step in this matter in 1993 by adopting EU Paint Standards, and manages production and R&D technology processes accordingly. Reinforcing its strength every year with growth rates higher than its competitors and overall industry, in 2007, Betek opened RMI Scientific Research Center which will greatly contribute to our development and to the industry regarding paint and thermal insulation. Considering it as a mission to carry on abroad the success achieved in Turkey, Betek produces 26 thousand tonnes paint on a production plant on 11 thousand m2 area established in Egypt. Through this production center, Betek exports not only to Egypt but also to tens of countries across a vast geography.

Finally, in our Kayseri Production Plant, which was established on 104 thousand m2 open area for the purpose of responding to the increasing awareness of and demand for insulation in our country, will produce 150 thousand tonnes thermal insulation mortar, adhesive and top-coating products as well as 385 thousand m3 EPS thermal insulation plates per year. With the additional strength to be provided by this modern plant, Betek will contribute to the future confidence of our country, reduce our foreign-source dependency regarding energy, and continue to serve our People, Construction Industry, our Country and the World.