Human Resources

Our Perspective of Human Resources

At Betek, with our Human Resources Management practices, we aim to work with enthusiastic individuals suitable to our organizational culture together with whom we will achieve organizational targets, to direct our human resources in the most effective manner, to create professional development opportunities for our employees, and to ensure the development of our employees along with our company.

Our Values

  • Future Orientation
    Innovativeness, desire for change and result-oriented character
    To become researchers having an understanding of continuous change, progress and innovation in addition to dealing with what is contemporary and traditional; to catch the opportunities in order to develop the products, processes and operations which will move the company one jump ahead of its competitors; to show the courage of doing jobs in other ways.
  • Mutual Trust
    Honesty, fair and consistent attitude, transparency
    To communicate with all customers and personnel in the most correct way protecting the humanistic values and considering the fact that success and power go hand-in-hand with unity and solidarity; to share correct information in the correct way; and to act honestly, fair and consistently all the time.
  • Embracement
    Responsibility, taking initiative
    To embrace the past, present and future of the company; take initiative where needed to do so by undertaking all the responsibilities required by the task; undertake the results of decisions made and do the best for a better result.
  • Respect for Society, Civic Involvement
    Reliability, informing the society and raising societal awareness
    To display honesty, reliability, fairness and consistency to the society by behaving in accordance with the codes of conduct of the company and industry; to inform the society of products and activities and to raise societal awareness.

We Employ People Who Will Carry Betek to Future and Perform Sustainable Success

Recruitment process in Betek aims to gain people who will best fulfill the requirements of their tasks and continuously increase their contribution to the company in accordance with the structure of the company with sound methods and in accordance with equality of opportunities.

Applications can be submitted via various means such as e-mail, web site, the recommendations of company employees or consulting firms. All the applications made are recorded to Betek Human Resources application data base.

Human Resources and related departmental supervisors conduct interviews to recruit the most suitable candidates for Betek and for the position. The first evaluation is made by the Human Resources Department with certain criteria, such as capabilities, personal characteristics and conformity to corporate culture. The related department evaluates technical information and team conformity of the candidate and whether he/she has the experiment and capability to do the job satisfactorily. Moreover, various analyses and tests are executed for personal characteristics and qualifications in order to increase objectivity in the recruitment process.

For applications, please follow our job announcements on

Our Internship Program

At Betek, we provide internship opportunities for high school and university students in order to contribute to the growth of qualified labor in our industry and to help students see the practice of theoretical knowledge they acquire from their schools. Additionally, we direct our successful trainees to the positions which may become available in the future.

Students who wish to do an internship in our company can submit their internship applications at or via their schools. Summer interns can apply until the end of May while winter interns can apply until the end of August.

We Create Work Environments Which Will Ensure The Most Efficient Working

Arriving at this point with the contribution of its employees, Betek is an industry leading company which consists of

  • Head Quarters,
  • Gebze Manufacturing Facilities,
  • Kayseri Manufacturing Facility,
  • Egypt Manufacturing Facility,
  • Regional Offices.
Regular working hours are 08:00-18:00 on weekdays and flexible working systems are applied depending on the business plans of departments at Betek.

In our facilities, we have equipped training and meeting rooms in various sizes in order to provide training courses and seminars to our employees, dealers and expert painters as well as to organize our meetings.

Many side benefits are provided to our employees in Betek in addition to the requirements of Labor Law.

We Regard Individual and Institutional Learning and Progress

Betek invests in progress of its employees. Considering the company's and individual goals, our employees are provided training courses for their continuous development.

Within this scope, personal development trainings, administrative trainings and professional training programs are held in accordance with the needs of our employees, departments and company in order to achieve the continuity of Betek's success by ensuring the training and development of our employees.

We Try to Enable Our Employees to Display the Highest Performance in line with Company Performance

In Betek,

  • Performance Management System is applied in order to increase the performance of the employees, thus the performance of the company by directing the efforts of management and employees to a common goal, determine personal performance goals in line with company targets, evaluate the performance of employees, detect the training needs about the aspects requiring development, enable the recognition and rewarding of employees' achievements as well as establish an environment of communication, trust and understanding
between the managers and employees.

Within this scope, a performance management system is applied to our employees which consists of Planning, Review and Evaluation periods based on "Targets" and "Competences" depending on the task.

We Support Our Employees Materially and Morally

At Betek, internationally valid wage systems are implemented for wage management. Work evaluation studies depend on market conditions and underlie the performance wage level studies.

In addition to wages, all of our employees are provided with private health insurance and those who wish benefit from private pension opportunities, they are given presents on special days like weddings and birthdays, and lunch and transport opportunities are offered.

We Regard Our Employees as Our Family and Strive to Enrich Their Lives.

Various social activities are organized in order to contribute to our employees' social lives and enhance in-house communication.

Sportive Activities:"Betek Traditional Football Tournament" is organized every year, and inter-company tournaments are attended. Astro-turf football pitch in the garden of Gebze facilities is in service for our employees. vermektedir.

Additional activities including bowling and carting tournaments are also organized in various periods.

Betek Picnic:An all-inclusive picnic is organized where our employees attend with their families, and various competitions, animations, activities and gift draws are held.

Social Activities:Events such as concert organizations, culture tours, trekking and boat trips are organized in which our employees have a good time.

Hobby Activities:Various hobby courses including "photography", "dance", "music" and food" are provided from professional companies in order to help our employees make progress in their leisure time.

We Ensure a Healthy and Secure Working Environment

Offering a secure and healthy working environment to our employees is our fundamental priority. Employees start their work safely by receiving start-work training and personal protective equipment at the beginning of their employment. We aim to protect the health and safety of our employees and help them for their individual progress with occupational health, occupational safety, environment and first aid trainings repeated periodically during a year. We also monitor the possible risks our workers may be subjected to with workplace health screenings, environment measurements for occupational health and safety and risk evaluation studies and eliminate current risks by planning a management program.

We have a medical unit for occupational health and safety in our company and full-time on-site doctor, nurse and certified occupational safety experts.