Our Energy Policy

Our company undertakes to carry out activities in the field of energy efficiency not only within the company but also across Turkey for the purposes of ensuring the sustainability of natural resources, reducing carbon emission and energy consumption, and being aware of the responsibility of transferring our world to the future generations without any damage.

For this purpose, our energy policy includes:

  • Determining objectives and targets for energy efficiency, ensuring constant improvement of production and services, popularizing energy-saving machinery and instruments by closely following technological developments,
  • Conforming to the applicable legal regulations in effect by determining the energy sizes of our activities,
  • Forming the team and the organization that will generate projects for Turkey by reviewing foreign projects on energy efficiency through our international relations and relations with non-governmental organizations,
  • Gaining expertise on energy efficiency, training experts, developing and presenting recommendations for energy efficiency improvements in order to improve the Construction industry in which we operate and particularly present buildings,
  • Regarding the energy efficiency, with the corporate project "A Better World", raising the awareness of firstly our employees, vendors, professionals in the industry and then of our customers and consumers,
  • Designing and producing our products within the scope of energy efficiency,
  • Calculating, and verifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions arising from our activities and taking action for reduced emissions,
  • Ensuring that the Energy Management System is documented, continuously reviewed and updated, declared to the relevant parties, and that our employees are trained and informed.

General Manager