Purchasing Department

Purchasing Department

Betek Boya ve Kimya Sanayi A.Ş Purchasing Department is one of the largest organizations in paint and chemical industries in Turkey. All procurement activities for direct / indirect materials, services and investment are managed by the Purchasing Department. Strategic partnership's and synergy formed between Betek and its suppliers provides a robust foundation for sustainable growth.

Do you want to become a Betek supplier?

As a general principle we are continuously looking for new suppliers, which can provide value added products and services. It is our number one goal to ensure that our supplier portfolio is up to date with visionary and innovative suppliers. We are focused on creating long term commitments with our suppliers.

All candidate suppliers will go through an evaluation process. It is expected from all candidate suppliers to complete the Company Information Sheet. Corporate structure, financial strength, quality systems, references are all assessed in the evaluation stage of on boarding a new supplier. The information and answers declared on the Company Information Sheet is considered as a commitment of the suppliers. If necessary Betek may audit candidate suppliers.

The Company Information Sheet

Work ethics

Principles such as; fair remuneration and working hours, non-discrimination, ban of child labor, environmental awareness must be adopted by Betek suppliers. Documents or information regarding commercial, technical know-how transmitted by Betek to its supplies is considered as classified information, which should not be shared with 3rd parties without the written consent of Betek.

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